Top 3 End of Season Self Storage Tips

Here at Amherst Self Storage our facility has storage units both interior and drive up self storage to assist you with storing. Our drive up units are between large drive isles, so getting in and out of the facility is a breeze. Feels like we just talked about getting ready for summer but now it is time to pack away the kayak and camping gear.

Visit our Belchertown MA storage facility to start organizing for cooler weather. Self storage is more than a helpful solution while moving, our storage units protect your gear all year long.

self storage tips Belchertown MA

Boats and Kayak storage

  1. DampRid is a moisture absorbing product that we offer in store to keep mold and mildew out.
  2. A rack can support your boat off the ground and keep a flat spot from forming.
  3. Leave all compartments of the boat open to allow proper air flow, to dry out the water that may have gotten trapped inside.

Patio Furniture

  1. Find boxes and tarps for all your outdoor furniture. Patio chairs and tables should get a cover. Avoid placing tiki torches or other gas powered items in the storage unit.
  2. Weave loose strands back into your wicker chairs and clean with a sponge and water.
  3. If your painted patio furniture is in need of a new layer of paint, do this now before storage.

Closing down the pool for fall?

  1. Interior storage units are better for these pool items so they do not have to withstand the outdoor degrees.
  2. Mold and mildew can become an issue in your chemical containers, so keep them sealed and do not stack them. Stacking in multiple layers may cause the plastic to become weak and crack.

Our storage experts want to help you find a Belchertown MA storage unit that suits your needs this fall. Give us a call, stop by the office, or rent online anytime.

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