Looking for Storage Supplies in Belchertown MA?

Have you ever found yourself at your new storage unit but do not quite have everything packed up and ready to store? We get it. Packing is tough, and you do not always have enough boxes to pack everything up safely and efficiently. Amherst Self Storage makes the storage process easy by selling all the storage supplies you need on-site at our Belchertown MA office. We also compiled this list of tips to help you prepare to store!

1. Label Boxes with Contents

You may want to buy a new sharpie for this one. The best way to find items later in the packing/unpacking process is to label boxes with the room of the house the items belong in and list the contents of the box. It makes it easier to organize your storage unit by room, and you can also find exactly what you need later on. For example, you may find yourself looking for certain documents. But is it going to be in the box with your bank files or the box with your work files? Labeling in more detail now will benefit you in the long run.

2. Soft Items = Great Padding

The goal is always to come back to your items the same way you left them: safe and intact. You can count on Amherst Self Storage to keep your belongings secure in our facility, but it is up to you to pack your items in a way that avoids damage. Soft items like towels and socks are great barriers between fragile items. Padding keeps these items from clanking into one another and moving inside the box.

3. Go for the Strongest Option

Pack your heaviest items in your strongest boxes. If you have boxes saved from previous moves or storage needs, always check how sturdy they are before attempting to pack anything into them. The last thing you want is your box to break with something important inside. Leave old boxes for light objects, like blankets or clothing. If you need more boxes, Amherst Self Storage sells boxes, tape, and more storage supplies at our Belchertown MA facility. A percentage of our October sales will go to Susan G. Komen to support breast cancer research for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Amherst Self Storage Sells Storage Supplies in Belchertown MA

At Amherst Self Storage, we have everything you need for an easy and successful storage experience. We offer drive-up storage units from 5×5 feet to 30×15 feet, as well as parking options. Our knowledgeable staff members can help you choose the best storage for your situation. Just call our office or stop by. And if you ever forget supplies, we can happily provide you with some storage supplies at our Belchertown MA office. Rent or reserve your next storage unit with us!

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