Belchertown MA Winter Storage Tips

Winter brings with it the holidays and cooler weather, both of which can be stress free with our Belchertown MA self storage. Amherst Self Storage is located just outside Amherst MA and ready to help you store with these quick Belchertown MA winter storage tips. We can help you store those summer clothes away until it gets warmer, or make room around the house before the family gets there.

The holidays can be a stressful time but with self storage you trust and a storage expert to help, Amherst Self Storage can be the solution you need.

Winter Storage Tips

Self Storage for Presents

  • Self storage is a great place to store presents, just remember the gate hours! Keep prying eyes away from the presents you worked so hard to find, in a storage unit. Remember to get them out the day before so there is no delay for opening.
  • Store presents for the same person in a clearly marked section. You may consider wrapping each persons’ gifts in different wrapping paper so you can tell the difference.
  • Add a label to the outside just in case you forget which presents are in which wrapping paper.

Storing Decorations: How to Keep It Organized!

  • Keep Christmas lights knot free with a piece of cardboard. Make a large rectangular piece from the leftover boxes and wrap each strand of lights to one piece of cardboard.
  • If you are storing all the decorations and gifts and other seasonal items, keep in mind the size storage unit you need. Talk with a storage expert today for help.
  • Presents are open, kids are playing, now who cleans up? Do not throw away the wrapping paper, shred it and use it as a barrier for your glass ornaments.

When you need winter storage tips or self storage units in Belchertown MA, stop by Amherst Self Storage or choose your storage unit online!

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