Garage Organization Ideas
February 19, 2020

7 Shed & Garage Organization Ideas

Garage Organization Ideas

Is your shed underutilized during the winter? The colder temperature forces patio furniture and yard tools to come inside. If your summer tools are taking up space in your garage or shed, find solutions with Amherst Self Storage! Our shed and garage organization ideas will help keep your home storage space in order every season. 

Garage Organization Ideas 

  1. Line the walls with shelves. Custom make them or purchase a set. 
  2. Clean out before starting. 
  3. Suspend shelves from the ceiling for overhead storage
  4. Stack clothing boxes on a shelf rather than each other. 
  5. Store extra tools too large for the garage or seldom-used items. 
  6. Add drawers and cabinets to your workbench storage
  7. Make your work area moveable with wheels. 

Shed Storage Tips 

  1. Use a potters bench for gardening tools. 
  2. Add hooks to shed doors for even more storage. 
  3. Design a floor plan. 
  4. Reuse flower pots as shelves for paint supplies or gloves and hats.

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